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Notice of Special Resolution Meeting

After senior football and netball training on Thursday May 2 @ 8.00pm, there will be a SRM to have a quick vote on the proposal that the Heathmont Jets Football Netball Club will officially amalgamate with the Rangeview Rangers Netball Club. As far as the club goes not much will change, other than having 14+ netball teams playing MENA competitions at the new HE Parker netball stadium in Jets uniforms. A lot of work has gone into this, with both clubs ensuring that all of the legalities are ticked off. We are very excited to expand the netball arm of the club, ensuring we have a stronger playing membership, a wider catchment pool of potential talent for both sports, a netball pathway prog

Hounds of Heathmont: Season 2019 Episode 1 - Moose Rourke/Van Unen 2.0

Hounds of Heathmont is back for Season 2019! Each home game the Hound Scout will be on the hunt down at the Hangar for a special four-legged Jet to be featured. We just love our canine supporters! And for the first Hound of the season, we have our first ever repeat feature: Modelling our brand new light poles in the background, it is very hard to miss Moose Rourke/Van Unen down at H.E Parker! Just a pup last year, he has finally grown into those ears (and paws!) and while he’s made absolutely no ground vertically, he definitely takes the crown for longest, thicc-est Hound of Heathmont! The pride and joy of senior co-captain Tom Rourke and Jetballer Jorja Van Unen, Moose is a very handsome Ba

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