Hounds of Heathmont: Season 2017 Episode 2 - Albert Rourke

This week's Heathmont Hound belongs to an ever growing dynasty of Bulldog Jets. This handsome fella is 8-month old purebred British Bulldog Albert Rourke - the youngest member of senior captain Tom and former senior coach Simon Rourke's Bulldog brood. 

You may remember older brother Archie featured on Hounds of Heathmont a few seasons ago. The two boys are regulars down at the Hangar. Albert is just a pup and is still growing into his snout. He adores the attention he gets at the footy so keep it coming! At home, Albert is a lot cheekier than his brother and currently loves terrorising the Rourke household. But luckily, unlike Archie, he doesn't snore... yet.  

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