Match Reports: Round 9 vs The Basin


Well it was the Big Barry show at The Basin on Saturday, and the fans came to watch. There must have been 3-4,000 people there by the time the Seniors ran out onto the ground. We had ‘The Heathmont Pocket’ in amongst all those fans and were quite visual with the new club beanies and made sure we could be heard cheering the boys on in some deathly quiet moments! There were a few debutants to the team as well, with Jack MacDonald up from the U19’s and Jordan Haynes on loan from the Box Hill Hawks for his first Senior game with the Jets. Rob Savory was also back up into the side. It was a finals type atmosphere and pretty intense opening minutes, the ball made it up to Barry who took a strong mark and the roar from the crowd was reminiscent of a parochial crowd at an AFL match! And he had kicked the first goal. The Jets fought hard not to get too distracted by the ‘Barry Show’ and Co-Captain Tom Rourke replied within minutes. A solid mark to Ben Abbruzzese and goal also helped. Jake Sherriff and Dylan Sverns were doing a great job of spoiling anything that went down to Barry – who wasn’t really moving out of the goal square. It was a bit of a tight match, as the minutes ticked by with no real indent being made on the scoreboard. Then a snap from Kev set the Jets alight, with five unanswered goals in the latter part of the quarter: another solid mark to Ben and goal, a quick snap by Liam Douglas that went through everyone’s hands, another running snap by Kev and a goal on the siren by Fin Brown saw us take in a five goal lead at the first break.

It took a while to get the crowd off the ground to start the second quarter and Barry again kicked the first goal of the quarter in the opening minutes but Abbruzzese managed a quick reply. The Jets running game was up and flowing with a great passage of play from defence starting with Sherriff to Fin Brown to Rob Savory resulting in a goal. But the highlight of the quarter must have been the snap goal from the boundary line, off balance and through a sea of hands by Kev - even the Basin crowd was appreciative of his efforts. He followed up quickly with another goal to cap it off and another by Liam Douglas saw us take in a 45 point lead at the main break. Barry was making his presence felt amongst our defenders but they stood strong and continually stopped the supply when it went down their way.

The hype of the first half must have taken a bit out of both sides as in the third scoring was near impossible and it was going from one end to another. Only a goal apiece to each side, with a long kick by Fin Brown to Robby who marked and goaled. The umpires even paid a free kick against Barry to Sherriff! The lead was 42 points at the last break.

It was another even quarter in the last going goal for goal although The Basin weren’t really looking for Barry anymore as the ball sailed over his head on numerous occasions. Rourkie opened our account after missing a set shot a couple of minutes earlier, then first gamer Jordan Haynes slotted one through. The last of the quarter came from a great passage of play by Liam running down the wing with a bounce then a kick which missed everyone to go through the goals. It was just after this that the Basin crowd became a bit bored as a roar went up and our attention was – unfortunately perhaps – turned to the other end of the ground to witness a ‘fan’ streaking out to Barry. He was nearly there when two burly security guards jumped the fence with one laying a beautiful hip and shoulder to stop the ‘fan’ in his tracks – it was laughs all round. But the show was over with the Jets running out 46 point winners and turn their attention to the top of the table clash against Park Orchards next week.

We should also make mention that Captain Dylan Sverns football stats must now have gone up a notch by keeping an ‘AFL Hall of Fame Member’ to three goals!

The Basin 9.10-64

Heathmont 16.14-110

Goal Kickers: K. Clark 4, B. Abbruzzese 3, L. Douglas 3, T. Rourke 2, R. Savory 2, J. Haynes, F. Brown Best Players: J. Sherriff, A. Pettigrew, D. Knowles, T. Rourke, J. Haynes, L. Douglas


The young squad ran out against a much bigger bodied and older group of players at the weekend, and the opposition jumped out of the blocks. Although the boys were strong in defence and trying to break through they couldn’t make it count on the scoreboard. Dylan Robson-Long was certainly in everything and the team was 24 points down at the first break. It was a pressure quarter in the second, with the squad starting to make amends for a slow start. Fowlie marking strongly around the ground and delivering to Furney resulted in a goal and another to Jack Meyer on the siren saw us outscore The Basin in that quarter but still down by 19 points at the main break.

It was a ‘premiership’ quarter for The Basin in the third with their 5 goals to our one by Taylor Van Der Wal and a lead of 44 points at the last break. The boys did come out firing in the early stages of the last with a great goal to Jack Hendricks – who had been in everything so far – in the opening minutes, another to Furney and another to Godra, who never stopped trying all day. Then opposition had been kept to one goal in the first half of the quarter, unfortunately for the squad The Basin broke free and kicked four answered goals despite the boy’s efforts, to run out 55 point winners. After the match the coach said he felt that the boys were good in patches and they have to try and emulate the Seniors style of play. He felt that there are opportunities to grow as a group and we have to take them on board and we will!

The Basin 15.8-98

Heathmont 6.7-43

Goal Kickers: S. Furniss 2, J. Meyer, T. Van Der Wal, J.Francis, Jack Hendricks Best Players: A. Honey, J. Hendriks, S. Furniss, S. Barling, A. Abbruzzese

UNDER 19's

The Under 19’s were further depleted this week through injury, work and holidays, and we were all wrapped for Jack McDonald who made his debut in the Seniors, joining Fin Brown, Cam Evans, and Jordan Haynes who came down to play at the Jets Seniors as the Box Hill Hawks had a bye. The U19’s were also delighted to welcome Billy Norris back from injury and Eastern Ranges duties, and Tom Hollins from the Box Hill Hawks Development squad. In addition, the game became a family affair with Michael Palmer stepping up from the U17’s joining his brother Danny, and Daniel Robertson coming out of a footy hiatus to join brother Josh.

The Basin were pumped up by the hype of the day and came out strong to dominate the first 5 minutes before the Jets settled. Danny Palmer laid an early strong tackle to set the tone for a physical game, Ben Irvine’s “metres gained” stats were building quickly, and Wade Van Leeuwen picked up possessions at will. Daniel Robertson’s tap work in the ruck was giving us first use of the ball, and Billy Norris’ class was evident from the start, allowing us to hit the scoreboard and take a 19 point lead into the first change.

Our wide handballing to open up play was really hurting the oppo in the second term, as we had 43 handball receives for the quarter, leading to 16 inside 50’s. Tom Hollins burst the lines and took bounces repeatedly, and Ben Savage and Joel Gosbell drilled the ball forward with precision. Josh Robertson benefited with three goals for the term, and Ryan Burleigh two, as our lead extended out to 54 points half way through the game.

Kyle Delaney, Lachie Phelan and Connor Van Der Wal read the play well and took intercept marks when The Basin threatened to attack in the third quarter. Trey Braione snagged two goals in the term including a soccered one that cannoned into the goal ump and broke his glasses (oops). Daniel Wynne found himself on the end of a string of handballs then banged the ball on the left to hit up a leading Scott Dawson. There were plenty of highlights in the quarter, including a family connection when Michael Palmer found space on the wing to pass to brother Danny who drove the ball forward. Despite the oppo dropping three spares back in defence at one stage, our lead grew to 77 points at the last break.

At three quarter time Coach Gary Burleigh asked the Jets to finish off a four quarter performance, and a 7 goal 5 final term blitz delivered in front of a building crowd. Notable moments were Cam Osborne’s banana pass to Trey who finished off with a major, and Henry Ballard’s celebration after his first goal since Round 11 last season! The 124 point win was filled with determination, aggression, pressure, discipline and a fantastic attitude. Well done to the Jets, who now look forward to the true test against Park Orchards at the Hanger next Saturday.

The Basin 2.1-13

Heathmont 20.17-137

Goal Kickers: J. Robertson 5, T. Hollins 4, R. Burleigh 4, T. Braione 3, C. Osborne, B. Savage, J. Gosbell, H. Ballard Best Players: B. Savage, T. Braione, H. Ballard, K. Delaney, C. Van Der Wal, C. Osborne

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