Match Reports: Round 12 vs Ringwood/Glen Waverley


With the Past Players watching from the clubrooms and the Parker Family Cup at stake it was always going to be a big day. The team was addressed by some Heathmont greats of the past, Wayne Hanley and Steve Shore, prior to the game on what Heathmont means to them. Ringwood were sitting just one game below us on the ladder so a win would have consolidated our position in the top part of the ladder. There were a few welcome inclusions back into the side, with Jon Wynne, Josh Davis, Jack Cornwell and Ben Abbruzzese back from injury, and Jon Knudsen back into the side. Games against our neighbours are always competitive no matter whereabouts on the ladder both teams sit so this shouldn't have been any different. The opposition slotted through two goals in the early minutes of the game so the pressure was on! We managed a goal through Rob Savory but it appeared to be all Ringwood in the first quarter. Again the opposition goaled early in the second and a quick reply from Wade Van Leeuwen gave some hope. They were the only two goals for the quarter as neither side seemed to be able to kick accurately. Unfortunately we lost major goal kicker Kev Clarke with a hamstring injury so our forward options didn’t look the same after that! It was a 30 point deficit at half time.

Our accuracy didn’t improve in the third and again the opposition kicked the first two goals of the quarter. It was tough contested football by both sides, we appeared to have plenty of opportunities to score but just couldn’t register on the board. A strong mark by Ryan Young resulted in our only goal in that quarter. It was a 47 point lead to Ringwood at the last break. The last quarter saw pockets of resistance but it was all too late - a goal out of the pack by Hendricks was to be our last score with our neigbours taking the points and the cup back to Jubilee. The Coach said we were good enough on the day, with more individual play then team playing. The team was not performing to the level we are capable of and we can bounce back from this. The Best on Ground medals went to Daniel Jordanov from Ringwood and Josh Davis from the Jets. The loss sees us drop to fourth spot with every game from now a must win match to keep our finals chances alive.

Heathmont 4.12-36

Ringwood 14.10-94

Goal Kickers: R. Savory, R. Young, J. Hendriks, W. Van Leeuwen

Better Players: B. English, T. Rourke, J. Spurrell, J. Davis, D. Sverns, J. Wynn, A Walton


A disappointing and frustrating day, and a very hard one for the coaches and committed players of this team who are doing everything they can to put a competitive side on the field. It doesn’t help when the numbers are light on the training track. Let’s hope VV’s message has been heard by this team and we see the results on the field. A big thanks must again go to the U19’s who have been helping out! It was always going to be challenging coming up against the team that sits second on the ladder and unfortunately they hit the ground running from the first bounce, with a five goal to nil first quarter, which set the tone for the rest of the match. Although some of our players did try to apply some pressure, Ringwood were just too good, with a seven to one goal second quarter to have the game well and truly won by the main break. We did manage to score a few goals in the remaining quarters but the team was no match for the opposition on the day, and it was a big win to Ringwood. The coach was very disappointed with the effort and found it hard to pick a positive for the day. He stressed is was about ‘who you are as a team NOT as an individual’. Hopefully the boys take than on board for another tough challenge against Templestowe this week.

Heathmont 4.2-26

Ringwood 23.15-153

Goal Kickers: A. Honey, D. O'Brien, F. Khan, J. Gasparini

UNDER 19's

Round 12 saw the Jets hosting the Glen Waverley Eagles, a team that was sitting third on the ladder with strong ability to win games of footy, being Vermont’s second side. Craig took the pre-game coaching reins early as Gaz was caught up with car troubles, spreading the message that it’s time for leaders to walk the walk and bring intense pressure and effort. Once at the ground, Coach Gaz announced the day as Dazza Day! A day dedicated to one of the clubs most loyal and supportive members, making note that whilst he doesn’t have his son Jack in the side anymore, he still gives it his all. As a result, the boys collectively agreed to give their all for Daz to show their appreciation.

The first quarter had highlights from the get go with Cam, Birv and Jmac connecting at the first centre bounce to allow Sav to kick the team’s first goal within 45 seconds of play. It was evident that the boys had taken Craig’s message on board as pressure acts were at a season high with Purky and Jerring giving it their all. Such pressure resulting in Nanananananananananana Joshy Joshy Joshy Kral going on a Lance Franklin like run along the boundary to slot his first of four for the day! The coaches noticed great efforts from Amos who tackled and tackled until he got the ball, setting the tone for others all over the park. The scoreboard at the end of the quarter read 4.2 to 1.1 Heathmont up.

The second quarter was a 40-0 point domination from the Jets who continued their pressure acts, exemplified by a Ben Savage smother resulting in a goal for Triple JRob. However, it was another Robertson in Daniel who made the quarter his own, grabbing the ball from the ruck, tapping the ball onto the foot of Burls for an Alley Oop goal and even getting a Cyril like snap goal for himself. The strong scoring performance from the boys was lead from the backline with Danny controlling the defensive half. Georgey and Con both pushed up well from the backline having shots on goal also. Groovy Phelan really came to life in the second, laying block after block, resulting in the ball falling into his hands like a magnet. This allowed the ball to flow freely to Burls who launched a 60-metre set shot bomb that sailed over the head of Steve Evans, our fill in Goal Umpire extraordinaire. The half time scores were 10.6 to 1.1, Jets on top.

It appeared that Henry Ballard went into the cleaner’s closet at the half time break as he swept across the half back line beautifully, taking intercept marks at ease. The midfield helped the backline a lot in the third resulting in strong defensive acts from Trey’s who punched from behind and tackled hard. Riley Honey Media managed to capture Cam Evans turn a human into a statue as he put the young chap through the spin cycle. After a Glen Waverley behind, Cookie managed to start a coast to coast goal from a kick in that went through Purky and Cam to get Robbo another. Jack Lacey continued his previous weeks strong performance, taking a strong overhead mark as well as many other handy possessions in the third. The quarter ended with the Jets winning, 14.10 to 2.4.

The final term saw Josh (Jack) Pelosi kick his first goal as a Jet, followed by three from Cam Osborne who ended up on five for the day. Henry flew high with a Speccy to rival Jeremy Howe for mark of the year. Tough nut Tably roved well in the fourth and even continued his form into the Ressies match afterwards alongside his mates Divvles and Trey. The game was finished off with a strong four quarter performance from the Monts who piled on another 6.4 to run out 117-point victors.

JP and Daz were thrown in the middle of the circle as the boys sang the song loud and proud. Gary praised the boy’s consistency across the entire game and the effort expended. Now the lads look forward to a round 13 match up against Templestowe away on Saturday.

Heathmont 21.14-140

Glen Waverley 3.5-23

Goal Kickers: C. Osborne 5, J. Robertson 4, J. Kral 4, R. Burleigh 3, D. Robertson 2, L. Grierson, B. Savage, J. Pelosi

Best Players: B. Savage, D. George, L. Phelan, J. Kral, C. Van Der Wal, C. Osborne

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