Match Reports: Round 13 vs Templestowe


As the coach had stated, it had been a very competitive and positive week on the track and the signs were there to change the team’s fortunes on the ground. Unfortunately there were quite a few forced changes due to yet more injuries. Ryan Young was to miss his first ever game of football breaking a remarkable feat of playing every game since he began in Juniors, and goal kicking machine Kev Clarke was out with a hamstring injury – he would be sorely missed. The side welcomed back Jack MacDonald and Cookie Grierson from the U19’s, debutant Jack Leithhead from the Development Squad and also from the Squad, Joel Merrett. There was a lot riding on the outcome of this game, and we congratulate Co-Captain Tom Rourke on his 50th game.

The teams took the field and the Jets had it down our scoring end for the early part of the quarter and, with an early goal to Rob Savory hopes were high. It was a very even quarter by both sides neither really breaking away, with another goal on the siren to Brent English. It was a four point ball game. The team again constantly had the ball up in our forward line but couldn’t make a dent where it counted on the scoreboard and at times, Templestowe were there repelling the attacks and making it count on their score line. Another even quarter and we were 12 points down at the main break.

It was a very determined team that appeared after half time, and again the ball was in our forward line for most of the quarter – unfortunately for no major scores, with our inaccuracy again seeing the game starting to slip away. Templestowe were finding the goals! We couldn’t seem to buy a goal from anywhere… The last quarter saw more of the same, with points rather than goals increasing our score. Our backline was also holding strong with Captain Dylan Sverns punching everything that game his way, with Cookie Grierson shaking off his holiday blues with another very solid game. The midfield were consistently taking the ball out of the middle and you couldn’t fault, Rourkie, Jack Cornwell, David Knowles and Brent English’s endeavour to get the ball to our forward line. The highlight of the last quarter, was when Brent kicked another to break the string of points, but it was the only one we could manage that quarter and again it complimented the string of points, which wasn’t enough and it was a win to Templestowe. A closer look at the scoreboard and you would see we had pretty much the same amount of scoring shots – just that we couldn’t make it count where it was needed!

The loss sees us slip to fifth on percentage, in what is proving to be a very close and competitive Division 3. On a positive note it was a very even, attacking game, with the boys playing as a team, so with a bit of tweaking in the forward line we will be back on track for another win and work our way back up the ladder – soon!

Templestowe 11.4-70

Heathmont 3.11-29

Goal Kickers: B. English 2, R. Savory Best Players: D. Sverns, T. Rourke, J. Cornwall, D. Knowles, B. English , L. Grierson


The vibe had been good on the track for the whole club leading up to this match and the squad, although again short on numbers, were determined to give it their all. With a few players promoted to the Seniors and a couple of significant injuries it was always going to be a challenge. Congratulations to Jack Leithhead and Joel Merrett for their call up to the ones and speedy recovery to Jessie Francis and Sean Furniss. Thanks to Nick Sellar for swapping his training uniform for a jumper, Dean Hilsop for his return to the Hangar and Declan Browne from the U17’s for helping boost stocks for the game. We welcomed Lachie Sverns to the team too. Unfortunately the numbers were depleted within the opening minutes of the game with Dave O’Brien going off with a hamstring injury and the bench down to one. As I mentioned it would be a challenging game.

It was all Templestowe in the opening quarter and our defence was standing strong, with Matt Beasley marshalling the backline. Templestowe’s inaccuracy were keeping us in the game and although the ball was finding its way to our forward line, we just couldn’t find the goals. It was just a 12 point ball game at the first break. It was more of the same in the second quarter, we had the ball up to our forward line in the opening minutes of the quarter, but missed scoring majors and our points started adding up. We were struggling to hold Templestowe in check and they were making us pay on the scoreboard, and at half time they had a 40 point lead.

With Captain David Short urging the players to keep strong in the third, the squad finally found the centre sticks with a goal to Pat Warman. Declan Browne was holding his own, and Lachie Sverns was using his senior experience and appeared to be everywhere around the ground. Dean Hilsop was proving to be elusive around the forward line –Feroz Khan was in the thick of it and Tay Van Der Wal was again in everything. Unfortunately Templestowe drew away from us in those last two quarters and our lack of a bench appeared to take its toll.

It was great to see the squad never gave up, even in these very trying circumstances, and with the prospect of player returns in the coming weeks a win must only be around the corner.

Templestowe 18.15-123

Heathmont 1.5-11

Goal Kickers: P. Warman Best Players: T. Van Der Wal, F. Khan, D. Browne, D. Short, L. Sverns

UNDER 19's

The Round 13 clash against Templestowe started in unusual circumstances after the umpires forgot the coin and the captains resorted to “rock, paper, scissors” before the bounce. Templestowe took the game up to the Jets in the first quarter as both teams struggled to score. Our two leading goal kickers for the season in Josh Robertson and Ryan Burleigh registered majors in the term, but the highlight, as captured brilliantly by Riley Honey Media, was Henry Ballard’s Capper-style hanger in front of the coach’s box! If only it was on video we would have had a contender for “Almost Footy Legends”! We took a narrow 7 point margin into the first break.

The second quarter saw Josh Pelosi start a string of Jets possessions from deep in defence that finished in a goal to Lachie Inaps, whose clean marking across the half forward line gave us another strong target. Cam Evans provided first use of the ball at stoppages throughout the game, and one of the beneficiaries was Ben Irvine who received, ran, handballed, received, carried, baulked, gave a “don’t argue”, dished off, gathered, blind turned, and then roosted the Hutton’s Footy Franks goal of the day! Jake Herring and Joel Gosbell gang tackled the oppo, and both Danny Palmer and Reuben Brown took intercept marks time after time. The Jets held a 34 point margin at the long break.

The game became congested in the second half with Templestowe dropping two extras into their back line. This didn’t stop Josh Robertson, who tapped down to Cam Osborne for a goal, then clunked a mark in the square himself before converting. But the best of the lot was when Robbo’s opponent took a mark, then tried to played on, but Robbo tackled and dispossessed him for a free kick, plus 25m penalty, which finished in a goal to the Jets. At the last change we were up by 47 points.

The characteristic roll’n’go game style shone through in the last term, with creative handball from Fin Brown and Josh Kral bringing team mates into the action. Lachie Phelan pumped the ball deep into our forward line, and Ryan Burleigh snagged two majors in the term. At the end of the day the Jets held sway by 72 points, and we look forward to Chirnside Park at their ground next Saturday.

Templestowe 3.1-19

Heathmont 14.7-91

Goal Kickers: J. Robertson 5, R. Burleigh 4, B. Irvine 2, L. Inaps 2, C. Osborne Best Players: R. Burleigh, B. Irvine, C. Evans, J. Kral, L. Inaps , D. Palmer

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