Hounds of Heathmont: Season 2017 Episode 4 - Beau Stephens

The hound scout has been off on vacation for the last month. But we're back at it this week with a very special pup. A Jetballer! This is two year old Beau - a handsome Chinese Crested Dog and the much loved four-legged friend of Jetballer Zoe Stephens. Although he is spoilt with attention nowadays, this poor little fella had a rough and unstable start to life. When his first owner passed away Beau was sent to doggy jail. A farm-dwelling family soon adopted him, but the farm life wasn't the life for Beau (hairless dogs and winter on a farm do not go well). Luckily for Beau, third time really was a charm when he was adopted by Zoe's family. He has been loved ever since! Besides coming down to Jets games at the Hangar, Beau loves talking, walks, sun baking, sniffing rear ends, sleeping under the blankets and eating food that isn't his. He may seem a wee bit nervous at first, but he's always up for a cuddle!


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