Match Reports: Round 16 vs Scoresby


Well it was a crunch game for the Seniors on Saturday, a win would cement their place in the five and a loss would see them slide out for the first time this year with finals aspirations becoming harder.

The team welcomed back Kev Clarke, Brent English and Ryan Young to the side and kicked with the wind in the opening term. A goal by Kev in the opening minute set the tone for the quarter. Another one was quickly added by Josh Davis, with another from Rob Savory and the scoreboard was looking good. Kev again showed he could kick them from anywhere with a goal off his boot as he was falling to the ground and then another to finish the quarter with three. Scoresby had been kept goalless and we took in a 29 point lead at the first break. Scoresby kicked the first two goals of the second quarter but a steadying goal by Regan Davis stopped the oppositions run, and a great running goal by Ryan Young also helped the score. Scoresby then appeared to get their straps together and the resulting play was another two goals on the scoreboard. Then, what would have to be one of the goals of the match, a passage of play from Rob Savory with a blind handpass over his head to seemingly nobody – but wait – Kev out of nowhere accepted the pass and kicked truly just before the siren for half time and it was a 23 point lead at the main break.

Not sure what happened in the second half, perhaps the boys should have stayed out on the oval.. It was a very even contest in the third with no side really gaining ascendency. We had the wind, we had the ball but could only kick points! Scoresby managed a couple of goals. The ball was rebounding from forward line to forward line in a very fast paced match. When the siren sounded for three quarter time – we had been kept goalless but were still in front by 14 points. To say the team needed to lift was stating the obvious. Scoresby had a sniff, and they kicked the first goal to edge closer and then another. At the eight minute mark there was only one point in the game, but they took the lead not long after with yet another and seemed to have all the play. The Jets couldn’t seem to buy a goal or even a point in the latter stages of the game. Finally Fin Brown found the centre in the dying stages of the game and we were only seven points in arrears. But time was against us and when the siren sounded the game had been lost. A very disappointing result for the club as the result sees us sitting in sixth position with two games to go. We must win and win well, and then rely on the results of some of the final five teams to edge our way back in.

Nothing is impossible --- so watch this space!

Heathmont 9.7-61

Scoresby 10.8-68

Goal Kickers: K. Clark 4, R. Savory, J. Davis, F. Brown, R. Davis, R. Young Best Players: J. Wynn, J. Spurrell, K. Clark, R. Young, A. Pettigrew, J. Hendriks


There were a few more welcome faces back in the side again this week, with Darryn Paul and Nick Holloway pulling on the boots – great to see them on the park! It had been two wins in a row for the squad and they were coming up against Scoresby who were on the same points but above us on percentage. It was yet another very windy Saturday – with the wind chill factor certainly being felt by the supporters.

Our intent was evident from the first bounce with the ball up in our forward line within seconds resulting in points not goals. We were kicking against the wind. It proved to be a very tight quarter with neither team managing to capitalise on the scoreboard. A goal by Joel Merrett registered our first major and it was a four point ball game at quarter time in Scoresbys favour. The opposition kicked the opening goal in the second quarter to extend their lead but the squad pushed the ball up forward for another goal to Joel – who appeared to be everywhere. Another quick goal again to Joel saw the squad come within two points. Jessie Francis was marking everything down the backline in the very swirly conditions. It was another even quarter and the squad was still six points behind at the main break.

The third quarter again provided another tight contest by both sides with a great passage of play resulting in a goal to Trent Matthews but it was to be Scoresbys quarter as they made good use of the wind. After a series of handpasses into the wind Davey O slotted another one through for the Jets, but Scoresby took in the biggest lead for the day - 19 points at three quarter time – who knew what was to come! The Squad came out firing in the last with a goal to Adam Honey within the first minute. Then another to Trent after the ball had cleared the back of the pack. It became a game of points for both sides. Another good passage of play from the backline with Hoff to Parks to Trent but alas only a point – and we were down by five points at the 18 minute mark of the quarter, then down to four points. No side could find the scoreboard in the remaining minutes of the quarter. Time was running out – enter Lachie Sverns - the ball was in the Jets forward 50, there was a contest for the ball, the umpire blew his whistle, a free kick awarded but to whom we couldn’t see from the grandstand, then the siren rang, and we see Lachie dust himself off and go back for a kick after the siren. As the crowd held their breath a kick from around 45 metres wobbled a bit off his boot but found its way through the middle sticks! A win by two points!! And the first time the team was in front all day. The pictures and video tell the story, and the Coach couldn’t have been happier!

Heathmont 8.10-58

Scoresby 8.6-56

Goal Kickers: J. Merrett 3, D. O''Brien, A. Honey, T. Matthews, L. Sverns, P. Warman Best Players: D. Short, N. Holloway, D. Paul, L. Sverns, N. Parker, J. Merret

UNDER 19's

Our Round 16 clash saw Cam Evans step in as Captain, and for his second time this year when going out for the toss, the umpies forgot the coin! Last time Cam was faced with “Rock-Paper-Scissors”, but this time it was the old “How many fingers do I have behind my back?” trick …. Just take your own coin with you next time Cam!

We were pleased to welcome four talented Under 17 players into the team this week – Connor Weightman, Jackson Scotti, Lachlan Shield, and James Sturtridge. We also welcomed back Brent Honey, who was stoked to return from eight weeks on the sidelines with an ankle injury. HE Parker was looking sensational as usual, and our line breaker Ben Irvine was running all over it. Ryan Burleigh’s intercept spoil, gather and goal got the crowd going, as did Jack Lacey’s mark of the day on the far wing. Danny Palmer was backing his judgement and pushing up from Full Back to the Wing with dash, but Nathan Amos’ falcon in front of the rowdy home crowd (particularly the U19 boys playing later in the seniors) will certainly figure in the weekly fine register. The young guns put their stamp on the game early as Lachie Shield hit up Cam Evans who kicked truly, and Jackson Scotti held a “one on three” mark and delivered a great pass. Our quarter time advantage was 15 points.

In the second term the U19’s fine register was added to when Reuben Brown called for a hair tie. The expression “now I’ve seen everything” was heard to come from our Coaching panel! Ryan added two more goals and Josh Kral notched one after he received a sharp back-feed out of a pack and let go a one-step bomb from the arc. We dominated the inside-50 count, but were inaccurate, so took a 36 point margin into the long break.

Just 15 seconds into the third quarter Trey Braione drilled a dart pass to Josh Robertson who kicked the first of his three goals in the second half. The opposition kicked three straight goals to narrow the margin but the Jets then steadied with three of their own. One of these came when James Sturtridge started a sequence of 12 handballs that saw a running transition from the back pocket to the forward line and finished in a great goal to Lachie Purkis. Reuben Brown was the rock in defence, intercepting almost every forward surge from Scoresby, and Cam Osborne held his own against one of the comp’s best ruckmen. The Jets had extended their lead to 45 points at the last change, as they headed to the huddle to get some of Annie Irvine’s lollies!

Ben Savage was busy right to the end of the game, and Joel Gosbell rolled out of the backline repeatedly, but the highlight of the last quarter has to have been when Trey fed out the back of a contest to Daniel Wynne who snapped “round the corner” straight over the goal umpire’s hat! Our final margin was 60 points, and the Jets registered 20 more scoring shots than the oppo.

This week’s thanks from the Under 19’s goes to some of the quiet heroes of the group … these include our timekeepers Wendy and Ian Palmer (and Derek Amos who has also covered the role). Timekeeping can be a pressure role with the complicated time-on rules, but Wendy and Ian make it look simple, and are as reliable as can be. Another quiet achiever is our Interchange Steward, Mark Osborne, who loves his footy, and has the best seat in the house on centre wing watching the game unfold as he patrols the interchange gates. Finally, thanks also goes to the ever-smiling Ingrid Sukkel who provides the best care possible to the men in white as our Umpire’s Escort. These wonderful people make everyone’s life easy every Saturday, so lads, shake their hand and thank them all next time you see them!

Heathmont 13.16-94

Scoresby 5.4-34

Goal Kickers: R. Burleigh 3, J. Robertson 3, D. Wynne, J. Kral, L. Purkis, J. Sturtridge, B. Savage, C. Osborne, C. Evans Best Players: J. Gosbell, C. Evans, B. Savage, R. Burleigh, L. Purkis, J. Kral

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