Hounds of Heathmont: Season 2018 Episode 1 - Moose Rourke/Van Unen

Hounds of Heathmont is back for Season 2018! Each home game we'll be on the hunt down at the Hangar for a special pooch to be featured. The first Hound of the season is Moose Rourke/Van Unen: the brand new addition to senior’s captain Tom Rourke and Jetballer Jorja Van Unen’s little family. Moose is a purebred 10 week old basset hound. If you were down at the Hangar for Saturday’s win against Warrandyte you may have got a glimpse of this little cutie. He has quite a way to go before growing into those ears – they get in the way of everything from walking to eating meals! But while Moose is still learning puppy etiquette, he is an absolute smooch and will take all the cuddles he can get!


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