Hounds of Heathmont: Season 2018 Episode 3 - Frank & Henry Sherriff

This week's hounds will look familiar to most of us who frequent the Hangar on Saturdays. Long-time fans of the Jets, Frank and Henry Sherriff love nothing more than watching their Dad, veteran Jet Jake Sherriff, wreak havoc on the backline each week. Often puppy-sat by their grandpa, Chris Sherriff, these two loveable larrikins are likely to either kill you with cuteness or lick you to death.

Frank (on the left) is an almost 3-year-old Golden lab, while Henry (on the right) is a 2 year old Golden/Caramel mixed lab. The brothers are also best mates and do everything together. Thanks to social media, you can catch their adventures on Instagram: @frankandhenry. When not lounging around taking up all the room on the couch or the bed, the fellas love car rides to the beach, mischievous walks along the river, staring you down while you eat your dinner in the hopes of stealing it and last but not least, posing in topless photos with their Dad when he wants to show off his latest fake tan.

If you are one of the few Jets who hasn’t met these two big goofballs, they are almost always hanging out over at Simmo’s pocket during home games at the Hangar. Come down for a smooch! They will love you for it!

The Jets are playing away next week, but be sure to bring your hounds down to our clash with Templestowe in Round 8 – 26th May!


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