Match Reports: Round 8 vs Templestowe


There was a big crowd gathering down at the Hangar for this match with the club’s 300 members out in force to cheer on the Jets as they try to consolidate their position in the top four. There were also a few new faces in the team this week as the team welcomed Callum Norris from the Under 17’s in for his first senior match, and Sinders also made a welcome return after a few weeks on the sidelines.

All the coach wanted this week – apart from a win – was for the Seniors to play four quarters of football, and it was a great start with English getting it out of the centre at the first tap out, finding Oders and a kick into the forward line saw Fin Brown with the ball and a free and a goal all inside the first minute. The next ruck play saw Rourkie take it out of the centre passing to Gary Conyers who with a kick to the forward line saw Fin take another strong mark and goal. Two goals within two minutes. The opposition tightened up their defence after that, and it became a game of defences, with each team pressing forward but each team’s defence standing strong and repelling the attacks. Rourkie broke the stalemate with a long running kick that somehow found it’s way untouched through the goals, not long after Oders found the ball in his hands and his kick found Fin who took yet another mark and kicked truly. Ben Abbruzzese found himself in the backline and with a long kick forward found a sliding Savory who somehow passed it on to Oders for the Jets fifth goal of the quarter. When the siren rang to end the quarter the Jets had kept the opposition scoreless – a good start.

I’m sure a few things were said in the opposition huddle at quarter time as they came out and scored within the opening minutes of the second quarter. The reply was quick with the Viking finding English who made short work of another goal. But the Dockers found their way out of the centre and had another on the scoreboard when youngster Cal Norris found himself in amongst at the next ruck contest receiving the ball out of the middle and passing to Sinders who kicked his first goal for a while. It was a goal for goal quarter with neither team taking the upper hand. In a great passage of free flowing play, a Ben Irvine kick from Colombo who made a perfect pass to Oders who let go with a long kick towards the goal square to see Fin mark on the line, take his time and add another goal to the score. The opposition then replied with two quick unanswered goals. Rourkie seemed to be in everything in this first half and once again took the ball out of the centre and found Oders who goaled. Another quick reply by the Dockers. It was Rourkie again at the next ruck contest getting the ball to Irvine running past who let go with a long kick towards goal and saw Fin shepherd it through just on the siren for half time. This quarter had seen 11 goals kicked, 5 by the Jets and 6 by the Dockers – a very even quarter, but the Jets had a 30 point lead.

It was more of the same after the break, with the Dockers kicking the first two goals to take their deficit down to 19points at the 8 minute mark of the quarter. Our attempts at goal were only registering points while the opposition were proving very accurate in front of goal. We had runners around the ground all trying to get the ball down to the forward line, AMac, Truck, Savory, Rourkie and Oders all having a turn in creating opportunities for goals. At last Conyers managed to find the centre of the sticks for our first goal at around the 20min mark of the quarter. Rourkie then popped up again with a long running kick that also found the centre and we had kicked two quick goals. Again the opposition were more accurate in front of goal and in what would have to have been an opportunistic kick by Rourkie up the air towards the goal and it somehow managed to find the middle to extend the lead but the Dockers again found a quick reply just as the siren rang for the third quarter. Another even one with 3 goals apiece and we still had a 32 point advantage going into the last quarter.

The last quarter saw both teams’ backlines working overtime as each team peppered their goals without success. The Dockers managed to kick two answered goals in the early part of the quarter while we answered with points. A strong mark to Savory intercepting a kick from the opposition saw the ball pass to the youngest member of the team Cal Norris who kicked truly for his first goal in senior football and our first for the quarter. He was duly congratulated by his teammates. Savory featured in the next score too, with a long kick out of the centre just kept bouncing and bouncing and eventually bounced through for our second goal of the quarter. The game was being played at a very fast pace even in this last quarter a credit to the fitness of the teams and the pressure had been applied by both sides. In one of the plays of the day and great team work saw the ball coming out of defence to the clubroom side wing and a great tap by Fin over his opponents head saw Oders waiting behind turn and kick to the running Rourkie who found himself running towards an open goal square and made no mistake in kicking his fourth goal for the day. The siren sound not long after and it was another Jets victory. And the first time in many years that we have scored three wins against the Dockers.

The coach was happy with the result and said it was an example of what happens when you play four quarters – a great team effort by everyone and had to single out individuals but did mention Rourkie’s contribution.

Heathmont: 16.11.107

Templestowe: 11.6.72

Goal Kickers: T. Rourke 4, F. Brown 4, L. Odermatt 2, B. English , G. Conyers, R. Savory, C. Norris, B. Irvine, D. Sindrey

Best Players: T. Rourke, B. English , G. Conyers, R. Savory, F. Brown, L. Casini

Past Players Dorothy and Jim Kerr award

5th – Rob Savory

4th – Tom Rourke

3rd – Fin Brown

2nd – Brett English

1st – Leigh Odermatt


It was a beautiful day at the Hanger for the clash against Templestowe. With injuries affecting the senior squad we were down to 4 on the bench this week. A change-up in the structure saw Godra down forward as a marking target, and this paid dividends early when he kicked two first quarter goals and gave the Jets a real presence in attack. The opposition provided an arm wrestle for the first half of the quarter, but the game started to open up after that. Cookie and Lachie both goaled and we took a 3 goal lead into the first break. Justin Ballard was terrific in the ruck despite being shorter and lighter than his opponents, and our on-ball brigade including Knowlsy and Jono helped us win the pressure acts count. The 21 to 13 handball receives for the first term were in our favour, but Coach Guido Van der Wal wanted more.

Five minutes into the second term quick hands out of a stoppage allowed Derrs to slot a major off one step from 40m out. The Jets backline consistently switched well through Henry, Tay and Tyson Walshe's super boot. Great transition footy set up Dougie who kicked truly on the run, before Nathan Parker squared up from the half forward flank to the hot spot and Lachie capitalised. Minutes later Parks was again in the action with a Lionel Messi soccer off the ground up on the wing straight to a teammate. With a stoppages advantage of 7 to 3, and 26 handball receives the team delivered what the coach wanted in the second term, and we took a 40 point lead into the long break.

The first goal of the second half came from Josh Kral's trusty left boot from deep in the scoreboard pocket. Not to be out-done, Godra repeated the dose from the same spot minutes later. Connor's intercept marks provided rebound off the backline, and overlap running from Derrs provided drive that helped set up our 6 marks inside 50 for the term. Although we controlled the play, several shots went the wrong side of the big sticks but the margin had still been extended by the last change.

Cookie snapped around the corner for our 10th of the day, before Phelan Groovy kicked another, on his opposite side just to add mayo to the story. Parks converted a set shot and the final margin was a very convincing 68 point win to the Jets. Guido called out Lachie's half volley in the 2nd quarter as is highlight of the day, and the chat around the 3/4 time huddle was that nobody could remember a 2nds side beating Templestowe at the Hanger, so hats off to the D Squad!

Heathmont: 12.18.90

Templestowe: 3.4.22

Goal Kickers: J. Francis 3, L. Sverns 2, L. Grierson 2, N. Parker, L. Phelan, J. Hendriks, L. Douglas, J. Kral Best Players: J. Ballard, L. Douglas, L. Grierson, D. Knowles, J. Knudsen, H. Ballard

Past Players Ron Smith Award

Jack Hendricks

UNDER 19's

Templestowe travelled to The Hangar for a crucial game for both teams. They were trying to cement a place in the top 5 and we were trying to kick clear from the pack and solidify a top 3 spot.

We got off to a great start in the first quarter kicking 3.2 to 0.1 to go in at qtr time with a 19 point lead. The midfield was dominating the clearances even though their ruckman had a height advantage over Kane, our tackling pressure was great and our backline was on top of their forwards.

This all changed in the 2nd qtr. Complacency crept in, our intensity around the footy dropped off and their midfield started to dominate all over the ground. They had runners everywhere and our backline had their worst quarter for the season so far. Templestowe kicked 5 goals for the quarter to our 1 and they went into halftime with a 5 point lead. The only positive to come out of the quarter was the fact that we were only 5 points down.

We had to regroup at halftime and make sure we got back to our style of footy which is hard at the contest, tackling pressure all over the ground and our backline repelling everything that comes their way.

We got back on top through Lachie Purkis, Trey Braione, Taylor Wallace and we moved Mikey Palmer into the midfield. Joel Gosbell, Harry Isaacs and Declan Browne across half back started to dominate and Talby Dove was given a job on their best player in the first half and he totally took him out of the game. We kicked 3.3 for the quarter and they didn’t trouble the scoreboard. Our lead was back out to 16 points at 3 qtr time.

The last quarter was more of the same with our running players in Jake Herring and Jack McNeil continuing their good form giving our big forwards plenty of opportunities. We only kicked 2.2 for the quarter but held them to just 3 points in the 2nd half to run out winners by 27 points.

Credit to Templestowe, they really took it up to us in the 2nd quarter but the fact we were able to keep them goalless for the other 3 quarters is a credit to our team. It just goes to show that if you drop your intensity for 1 quarter the game can completely change.

We head to Donvale this week where we will look to continue our winning form and look forward to the week off next week.

Heathmont 9.8.62

Templestowe 5.5.35

Goal Kickers: C Osborne 3 J Dove 2 T Schubert 1 L Purkis 1 R Brown 1 L Di Biase 1

Best Players: J Gosbell, T Wallace, D Browne, J McNeil, J Herring, T Dove

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