Match Reports: Round 9 vs Donvale


The Seniors welcomed back Derrs, Spuz and Knowlesy for the clash against Donvale. The opposition was out of the five but this was a crucial game entering the mid-way mark of the season. The Jets were the first to register a goal for the day after Oders collected at ground level and dished off to Gary Conyers who converted. Accurate short passing was on display early, leading to numerous inside-50's, particularly via Brent English who seemed to have the ball on a string. Tackling intensity was high which led to the Jet's being on top in the turnover count, with Ben Abbruzzese and Jack McDonald particularly hard at the contest. The stats board at quarter time showed the we were on top of stoppages 16 to 2, and contested possessions 16 to 8, but some inaccurate kicking at goal meant that we did not capitalise on this dominance. The Jets turned the first corner with a 9 point quarter time lead.

Brent English opened up the second term with a beautiful goal from in front of the vocal Heathmont supporters on the clubroom flank. Gaz opportunistically pounced on a loose ball to slot his second goal for the day, then Fin won second and third efforts and converted. Team defence was working well for the Jets as AMac, Spuz and Petters worked back with Brent Honey to shut down several Donvale forward entries. Burls ran hard to find space out on the arc and nailed a shot on the run, then Chris Columbo was infringed and received a 25m penalty to make the goal a formality. Shortly after this Fin was held without the ball and kicked truly for his second, making it a six goal quarter for the Jets. We led by 40 points at long break, and Coach Joel Cordwell was pleased with the intensity and intent in the first half.

The third quarter started similarly to the second, with Brent kicking the opening major of the term, but then it went off track as Donvale rebounded with the next four goals. Robby offered good resistance in the ruck, and Ben provided solid chop out when required. We had as much of the play as the opposition, and as many shots at goal over the quarter, but we were kicking points as they were kicking goals. Brent bookended the quarter with goal after siren to give the Jets a 30 point lead at the last change.

The start of the final term saw Lumbo slung in the tackle, and he nailed the resultant free kick before thanking the away crowd for their support. Rourkie and Lucky continued to get their hands on the ball through the inside contests, but Rourkie went down with a nasty shoulder injury that stopped play. Lumbo goaled again after great attacking pressure from the Jets forwards. When Brent English went down and came off injured we had no fit players on the bench, since we also had Decler and Knowles off with ankles. Oders was again great overhead all day, and when his opportunity came late in the game to join the goal kickers list he made no mistake. The effort all day was exemplified by a desperate save on the last line of defence by AMac when the game was already won. Burls repeated his earlier running goal from 50 to close out the contest with a 43 point win to the Jets.

The Coach praised the fitness of the squad to be able to run out the game well without a bench. With 7 wins from 9 games we are well placed at the half way mark of the season, and we now reset for Scoresby at the Hanger after the week off.

Heathmont: 13.20.98

Donvale: 8.7.55

Goal Kickers: B. English 3, C. Colombo 3, F. Brown 2, R. Burleigh 2, G. Conyers 2, L. Odermatt

Best Players: B. English , L. Casini, G. Conyers, R. Savory, L. Odermatt, T. Rourke


It was an early start for the DSquad on a chilly but sunny day at Donvale. There had been some late changes to the Squad from Thursday night due to late withdrawals, promotions and last minute injuries to the Senior team. Thanks to Trey Braione, Lachie Purkis, Khaige Stenson and Joel Gosbell who played another game after their Under 19 win, and we welcomed Blake Daniher back to the club and in for his first game in a while.

The first quarter saw the Jets jump out of the blocks against a bigger bodied Donvale. The first tap from Justin Ballard found David Short with a great pass to Tom Battersby and our first goal was on the board within the first minute of play. Donvale tightened up after that result and it became a game of defences with the ball rebounding from one end to the other. A boundary throw in resulted in a breakthrough for the Jets with Josh Kral tapping to Lachie Sverns who kicked through the Squad’s second goal for the quarter. Batters was in amongst the scorers again with a goal from a resultant free. Jessie Francis took his opportunities too when a fumble by the Donvale defence saw Godra pick up and goal. The Squad was laying on the strong tackles to their opposition and their second efforts were certainly giving them the advantage moving the ball forward. When the first quarter siren rang it was 4 goals to nil in the first quarter and a 26 point lead.

Donvale came out with more intent in the second and it was attacking football from both sides. Although the ball seemed to be up in our forward line for a large part of the quarter the goals were harder to come by. A tap by Lachie S into the palms of a running Dougie saw the deadlock break and our first goal for the quarter. Cookie Grierson seemed to be everywhere and certainly making his presences felt with strong marks, running football out of defence to the advantage of the team. Nathan Parker was patrolling the wing and finding himself up forward too, taking a great intercept mark he kicked long to find Godra and another goal. There were a few lapses in concentration this quarter and turnovers something that will no doubt be addressed at the break. The Squad took in a 29 point lead at half time.

Goals were hard to come by in the third with the intensity lifting by both sides. Godra was enjoying his shift back to the forward line and was on the end of a strong pass by newcomer Blake Daniher for our opening goal of the term.. Dougie also seemed everywhere and a great centring kick from on the boundary saw Josh Kral capitalise with a goal. Donvale was applying the pressure in their forward line which eventually saw them score. Parks was in amongst it too this quarter with his second efforts and tackling and strong marking showing the way for his teammates a strong mark on the wing saw him find Jordan Gasparini, who then had a kick on the siren but it was thwarted going through by Donvale backline it was a 33 point lead at the last break.

The boys turned it up a notch in the last, with Justin Ballard and Lachie Sverns both winning their centre clearances and palming them off to the running Jets players. Although points were going on the scoreboard rather than goals early in the quarter. The goal of the day would have to have been Trey’s, a mark by Batters from a Donvale kick out saw him kick to Trey, who marked strongly on the boundary and then proceeded to thread it through on a very tight angle to put our first goal of the quarter on the board. Nick Sellar nearly had his first goal for the season but it was ruled touched right on the line. The ball was coming in thick and fast now and Lachie Purkis was a recipient of a free right in front of goal for another. The coach made another change to the structure of the forward line part way through the quarter, which found defender Matt Beasley in unfamiliar territory. A strong passage of play from Parks to Sellar to Beazer in the goal square saw him score his second goal for the season! He wasn’t done yet playing a perfect role as crumber around the goal posts, and two great efforts saw the ball in the hands of Dougie both times for 2 quick goals. Donvale just couldn’t counter our attacks and our defence lead by Cookie was standing firm to such an extent that the boys had kept the opposition scoreless in the last while they kicked 5 goals.

The coach praised the team for their great effort in the last after an ordinary quarter in the third, and we will be concentrating on skill work in the second half of the season to make sure we hit our targets. He was rapt in the performance in the midfield and how the players showed their versatility today when switched to different positions. Special mention to the ‘new swing player’ Beasley on his efforts in the forward line. Enjoy the week off

Heathmont: 13.9.87

Donvale: 3.2.20

Goal Kickers: J. Francis 3, L. Douglas 3, T. Battersby 2, L. Phelan 2, J. Kral, L. Sverns, M. Beasley

Best Players: C. Van Der Wal, J. Leithhead, D. Short, N. Seller, J. Kral, L. Grierson

Under 19’s

The U/19’s travelled to Donvale looking to extend our winning streak to 5 in a row in a danger game for the team. With an early start of 9am the coach was worried that it might take a bit of time for our boys to wake up! We knew Donvale had a couple of players coming back who had been playing in the seniors and word had filtered through that they were wound up to win this game. Donvale started with a loose man behind the ball from the first bounce so we knew they were going to be very defensive and try and restrict our scoring particularly as the first 2 quarters were only going to be 15 minutes each. We took a 6 point lead into quarter time after kicking the first 2 goals of the game in a really tight and congested first half. Donvale came out firing in the 2nd quarter and kicked 4 goals in what is becoming a worrying trend for our team. They have easily been our worst quarters for the year so far and we need to sort this out quickly. We kicked 2 goals for the quarter to go in at halftime 6 points down. After halftime we managed to get on top across halfback led by Joel Gosbell, Harry Isaacs and Declan Browne and the midfield started to get on top as well with Trent Braione and Taylor Wallace getting plenty of the ball. A big issue was our kicking into the forward line which was horrendous! We had a small lead at 3 quarter time but needed a big last quarter to win the game. We managed to kick a couple of early goals to extend the lead to 16 points which we managed to hold onto until the final siren. In a disappointing performance it was good to get the win but the boys realise we need to play better than that if we are going to figure in the pointy end of the season. The break has come at a good time for us and we look forward to getting Reuben Brown, Angus Puddy and Jack McNeil back for the next game against Scoresby.

Heathmont: 7.7.49

Donvale: 5.3.33

Goal kickers: J Dove, T Schubert, C Crook, T Dove, J Sedunary, L Di Biase, H Isaacs

Best Players: J Gosbell, D Browne, T Braione, T Wallace, J Farrell, L Di Biase

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