Match Reports: Round 16 vs Chirnside Park


Who knew what the day would have in store for the Jets when the boys turned up to Chirnside Park last Saturday. With two wins on the board for the U19’s and DSquad, it was a crucial match for the Seniors to get them back on the winners list and keep The Basin at bay. There were quite a few outs this week, and the side welcomed Under 19 player Joel Gosbell in for his first Senior match, and welcomed back Chris Nayna after his stint in the Dsquad. Truck and Rob Savory also came into the side.

The team had to get a score on the board early to set the tone for the day, and that they did through Knowles who managed to kick a goal through traffic in the opening minutes. Another from Conyers after a pass from Savory saw the boys gather some momentum. A long snap by Young for another and when Oders kicked another from a free it was a decent start to the first quarter - but the boys weren’t done yet. They were taking it out of the centre and kicking it into the forward line, a pass to Brent English by Truck saw another goal and Oders featured in another on the receiving end of a pass from Young. The points were racking up too with some near misses and quite a few posters. Alex McIntosh broke the string of points kicking a goal which was quickly followed up by a running goal by Fin Brown and then a long goal by Ryan Burleigh. Cookie ventured up from the back line to try and get a kick and was in the thick of things. Lachie Sverns also ventured up taking some timely marks out of their defensive zone. Savory marked from another Chirnside Park kick out and centred to Oders who kicked our tenth goal for the quarter! Where did this come from - a 10.9 to nil quarter.

The second quarter began where the last had left off when Fin marked right on the goal line to score the first goal of the quarter within two minutes. Chirnside did manage to push it forward, but an out of bounds saw the ball turn over, with Burls kicking to a Fin lead and another goal. The points were again featuring. The opposition did get on the board in this quarter when they scored a behind. The ball made its way down to the Jets and it appeared all 36 players were in our forward line, then out of the pack Conyers goals! Chirnside Park were really crowding in the Jet players making it hard for clear possession football at times. At one of these congested passages of play, Savory got boot to ball and with a grub kick out of the pack saw the ball go through the goals. The ball was quickly back in our forward from the centre bounce and another mark to Fin who passed to Luke Casini, in a better position, who doesn’t let him down and kicks our fifth goal for the quarter and we are 100 points up at the main break.

What would the boys do after half time? Well they kept on going and within the first minute, Conyers had received the ball out of the centre and goaled. Knowles then chimed in for his second. The points were still going on too from some great passages of play. The ball hadn’t really entered the Chirnside Park forward line for quite a while and there wasn’t really anyone past the centre square. English broke the deadlock [of points] from a free and a tight angle on the boundary, he managed to thread it through for another goal. Debutant Joel Gosbell then featured in a play, kicking to English who found Fin leading out in the pocket, who in turn kicked another goal from tight on the boundary. Out of the next centre bounce Conyers gains possession of the ball, kicks to Oders who takes yet another strong mark and tries to kick it through the goals, Savory crumbs and sneaks a goal through. Fin was in the action again laying a strong tackle on his opposition and as the ball falls free English picks up and goals. Bailey Stevens then gets amongst it with another goal. Savory finds another goal by kicking out of the pack. Bailey finds himself in it again with kick to Fin Brown who quickly handpasses over his head to Brent for another goal. Burls finishes off the quarter with another and the lead is a percentage boosting 166 points.

The rampage continues in the last against a hapless opposition – who never gave up for the whole game. Burls grabs the ball out of the centre and finds Oders who takes another strong mark and goals. Cam Evans and Chris Nayna are working well in tandem in the ruck. In a series of handpasses from the centre, Amac finds himself with the ball and kicks his second for the day. Fin gets the next as a result of a downfield free. Our backmen were now venturing into the forward line and Sherriff takes a strong mark from and opposition kick in, he finds Fin on a lead but on the boundary yet again but manages to thread it through for another goal. The Chirnside Park then come alive when their team managed to slot through a goal towards the end of the last quarter – it’s the most vocal they have been all day! The Jets crowd also held its breath as they watched an impending collision between Conyers and his opposition both running for the same ball – it was a strong mark to Conyers with both players a bit shaken but OK. In the last play of the day, the ball was again streaming down to our forward line with the Jets looking for that elusive goal to give them a 200 point ball game. In my humble opinion Oders did mark it just as the siren rang, but the umpires deemed the siren had already gone prior so no mark and no goal opportunity.

It would have to be the biggest win the Jets have had in Division 3 with a 188 point margin! Now for the boys to continue with this form coming into Saturday’s BIG clash against the Basin.

Chirnside Park 1.2-8

Heathmont 29.22-196

Goal Kickers: F. Brown 6, L. Odermatt 4, B. English 4, R. Savory 3, G. Conyers 2, D. Knowles 2, R. Burleigh 2, A. McIntosh 2, R. Young, L. Sverns, B. Stevens, L. Casini

Best Players: G. Conyers, B. English , L. Sverns, L. Grierson, R. Burleigh, F. Brown


It was a revolving door again at the selection table last Thursday due to injuries and promotions to the Seniors. We welcomed back Tyson Walshe and Jack Mac into the side as well as four players from the Under 19’s; Nick Harrison, Khaige Stenson, Trent Wynne and Trent Schubert. Pat Warman also changed places from being on the sidelines to on the field. In windy conditions, as it always is at Kimberley Reserve, the young squad took to the field against a much older and bigger bodied opposition. Chirnside Park were out of the blocks and kicked the first goal of the match in the opening minutes. Al Knudsen took the ball out of the centre at the next bounce and started a chain of kicks to Parks to Tay to Nick with a long kick towards goal where it was marked by Godra who slotted it through for our quick reply. Connor Van Der Wal was controlling the ruck this week in the absence of Chris Nayna who found himself promoted to the Seniors. Jack Leithhead found himself with the ball and scored our second goal. The boys appeared to be taking it effortlessly out of the centre either through Al or Ben Irvine. Parks was patrolling the wings and taking every opportunity that came his way. Dougie was positioned in the forward line but was having difficulty early on marking the ball as it continually found its way up forward, but his follow up was proving very effective especially when he found Tay who took a strong mark and goaled. He also kicked our last goal for the quarter slotting it in from the boundary, to see the Jets lead by 21 points at the first break.

The wind dropped slightly in the second but the ball was once again finding its way down to the Jets forward line. Under 19 player Nick Harrison took full advantage of a dropped mark soccering the ball through for the first goal of the quarter. Another goal to Tay and then another to Dougie and the tally started to mount. Al and Parks combine yet again and Parks finds Connor in a much better position who goals. Connor appeared to be in everything, after a strong mark his resultant long kick towards the forward line found Dougie who scored his second for the quarter and third for the match. The opposition then made a concerted effort to push the ball forward but our defence stood firm and prevented any majors going through. The Jets had been peppering the goals in this second quarter to finish it 5.5 vs 0.1. A commanding lead at half time.

There was no rest from the squad after half time and they continued where they left off with another goal to Harrison in the opening seconds of the third quarter. Tay scored another after receiving a pass from Parks who was on the boundary. The ball was finding its way into the forward line often but it was points rather than goals being registered. The opposition were finding it hard to clear it out of our forward line and Godra found himself with the ball and kicked truly. Out of the centre the ball is again in Parks’ hands, he finds Davy O but the result was another point. Godra gathers the ball from another kick out and kicks back to Tay who scores a handy goal. The lead was now 80 points at the last break.

The point score was adding up in the final term, until the ball bounced the right way for Dougie and it was an over the head kick for another goal. Tay showed his class with a terrific goal through heavy traffic. The opposition finally come through with their second goal of the match but it would be too little too late for them. We replied with points until Al found Godra who goaled. Al was in it again with a kick from the centre bounce that found Tay who marked strongly right on the siren and goaled, to see the squad win the match by over 100 points.

It was another exhibition of run and carry football by the boys - another fantastic team effort. Now for a must win match against The Basin this Saturday.

Chirnside Park 2.2-14

Heathmont 17.19-121

Goal Kickers: T. Van Der Wal 6, L. Douglas 4, J. Francis 3, N. Harrison 2, C. Van Der Wal, J. Leithhead

Best Players: D. Short, T. Van Der Wal, N. Parker, J. Leithhead, C. Van Der Wal, A. Knudsen

UNDER 19's

We travelled to Chirnside Park in what was a danger game for us, with Chirnside having nothing to play for and us coming off two great wins against fellow finalists in Boronia and Templestowe - so we knew it would be hard to get the boys up for this one.

It is always windy at Chirnside and Saturday was no different. We won the toss and kicked with the wind and peppered the goals but we could only kick behinds. We finally kicked our first goal through Liam Coghlan from the Under 17’s with a beautiful kick on the run. Trent Wynne kicked our second followed by Reuben Brown and Taylor Wallace. But it was a tale of wasted opportunities as we kicked 4.8 to 0.0 to go into quarter time with a handy 32 point lead - but it should have been a lot more.

The wind was getting stronger and our defenders were now under the pump as Chirnside started to get on top around the ground. They went inside 50 only six times and kicked 4.2 while we went inside 50 seven times and kicked 2.3, both goals to Reuben Brown. Our lead had been cut to 21 points at halftime.

At halftime we decided to play an extra forward and Harry Isaacs was moved to the forward line. This paid immediate dividends with Harry kicking the first goal of the quarter to get us going. Our intensity had lifted and we were starting to get on top around the ground. Trent Wynne kicked another two goals, Isaacs got another and Cal Norris who was back from Ranges was starting to show his class around the ground and chimed in for a great goal. Ben North was given a job on their no. 16 who had kicked three goals in the first half and looked dangerous, Ben shut him completely out of the game. Our midfield of Braione, Purkis and Wallace were now on top and we were dominating in deteriorating conditions. The score at three quarter time was 11.14-80 to 5.4-34 and the lead had been pushed out to 46 points.

We were keen to win the last quarter even though we were kicking into a strong wind. Trey Braione capped off a best on ground performance kicking our only two goals for the quarter and we kept Chirnside to 1.2 with the wind which was a fantastic effort by everyone around the ground. The other pleasing thing was our handball receives were 33 for the quarter with run and carry through the middle of the ground a highlight.

We now face fourth placed The Basin in another big game for our group. If we win this it sets up a battle for top place in the last game against Waverley Blues.

Chirnside Park 6.6-42

Heathmont 13.18-96

Goal Kickers: R Brown 3, T Wynne 3, H Isaacs 2, T Braione 2, C Norris, L Coghlan, T Wallace

Best Players: T Braione, C Norris, L Purkis, B North, H Isaacs, T Wallace

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