Hounds of Heathmont: Season 2019 Episode 1 - Moose Rourke/Van Unen 2.0

Hounds of Heathmont is back for Season 2019! Each home game the Hound Scout will be on the hunt down at the Hangar for a special four-legged Jet to be featured. We just love our canine supporters! And for the first Hound of the season, we have our first ever repeat feature: Modelling our brand new light poles in the background, it is very hard to miss Moose Rourke/Van Unen down at H.E Parker!

Just a pup last year, he has finally grown into those ears (and paws!) and while he’s made absolutely no ground vertically, he definitely takes the crown for longest, thicc-est Hound of Heathmont! The pride and joy of senior co-captain Tom Rourke and Jetballer Jorja Van Unen, Moose is a very handsome Basset Hound who loves cuddles, treats and belly rubs. But above all, he loves coming down to the footy to support his Dad.

He has found his voice this season; his booming bark on full display yesterday cheering on the boys. He feels right at home at the Hangar and he loves a run around the oval. Don’t be shy next time you see Moose at the footy: come and give those big ears a scratch!


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