H.E. Parker Reserve Pavilion Redevelopment

To all Members and Supporters,

The new rooms are finally on the way … Council have appointed a builder and we have a start date. The demolition of the rooms is planned for end of July and the construction is a modular build which will start off site in August. Assembly of the modules on site should start in November with completion planned for February 2020.

The rooms are being funded by a $500,000 grant from the Federal Government (thanks to Michael Sukkar) and $3.5 million from Maroondah City Council.

Our Commitment

Whilst the Clubs have not had to contribute to the cost of the build, we must cover the fit out of the rooms. This includes items such as: Kitchen, Canteen, Bar, Cool room, Furniture, TV’s, Sound system, and all the extras that the Clubs require to function. Our Target is $200,000 of which we have currently raised $5485.

With these rooms, our new ground and lights, we will have facilities that will be equal to the best in the eastern suburbs. The fundraising campaign is a joint venture of the Heathmont Football Netball Club and Heathmont Cricket Club.

We have two fundraisers aimed at reaching this target.

1. Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank Heathmont and East Ringwood will contribute $100,000 to our funds but we need write $5M in loans. We currently have $500,000 written. If you have a housing loan with another bank give Bendigo the opportunity to see if they can offer you a better deal. Housing loans, car and personal loans give Bendigo a call.

You do not have to be a Club member, just advise that it is a lead from Heathmont Football Netball Club or Heathmont Cricket Club. Contact Adam Simpson on 0437 720 543

2. Foundation Memberships and Donations

We have set up a fundraising site with the Australian Sports Foundation, the advantage is that all donations are tax deductible. Make your donation before June 30 and you can claim on this year’s tax return.

We have the following categories that will be recognised on the Foundation Members’ board in the new rooms.

Diamond $5000

Gold $2000

Silver $1000

Bronze $500

Community $250

We will happily accept all donations but only amounts in the above categories will be displayed on the Foundation Members’ board. With the short building time frame, we are asking that you act quickly on our fundraising requests to ensure we have facilities that will match our new clubrooms. Please note that much of the expenditure is required during the build (e.g. cool room, bar, etc)

Donations to the H.E. Parker Reserve Pavilion Foundation can be made online at the following link:

Yours sincerely,

Heathmont FNC and CC.

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