Heathmont Jets Netball Club gets a lot bigger!

After months of meetings and planning the Heathmont Jets Football Netball Club has officially amalgamated with the Rangeview Netball Club. As of next week we will have an additional 14+ junior and open teams representing the Jets at HE Parker on Saturdays in the MENA competition. We’d like to officially welcome all the new players and families to our community.

This is a great step for the club, growing our junior sporting community significantly, and introducing a real pathway for netball in the area.

After a four very successful years in the EFL Netball competition, it was always a goal of the club to expand and introduce junior netball, and we were very fortunate that an opportunity with Rangeview came up at the right time.

We have a new club launch on today, details below, for anyone that wants to come down and support the club!

There’s lots going-on in the background as some of the formalities of the amalgamation are addressed. Stay tuned for a couple of announcements & some updates at the celebration today.

There has been a couple of questions & queries coming through to the Club with regard to the ‘detail’ on the machinations of the junior netball sub-committee, the ‘blending’ of this sub-committee with the senior netball component of the club, & when some of the initiatives & subtle changes are going to take effect.

It was well communicated that the existing RRNC committee was always going to remain the ‘core’ of the new look junior netball committee. Nothing has changed here. The sole focus of the entire club has & always will be, the players & their enjoyment of netball on a Saturday.

Changes to structure, policy, & initiatives are going to be subtle & gradual. Both clubs agreed some time ago, that too much change too quickly, would be overwhelming to our netball community & the committee members themselves, given that the broader committee members of the HFNC are all volunteers.

On that note, the Club encourages, & is always keen to hear from anyone interested in joining the committee, or willing to assist the committee. We hope to see you all there today.

#Jetballers #HEParker

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