Senior & Junior Club Strategic Planning Night (2019 - 2023)


& TD Solutions Sports Admin Planning Night

Both the Seniors and Juniors Clubs (Strategic Plan 2019-2023)

All are invited to attend a planning night with TD Solutions – parents, committee, sponsors, players, coaches and anyone involved with our great club.

Wednesday August 21st - 6.15–9.00pm at HE Parker Club rooms

Running a grass roots community club, the size of ours can be extremely challenging, with often considerable pressure on the Club and its volunteers. We always want to raise the bar and we are inviting all people involved with our club (past and present) to attend this important planning workshop for the club.

We can become complacent, and risk things like volunteer burnout, which can ultimately lead to a drop-in professionalism, performance, revenue, and all the things we have come to love about our club.

We can seize the opportunity to take our club to the next level and secure us on and off field sustainability by being strategic, planning and getting everyone to contribute to building a strong club for the future.

This 2.5 to 3-hour session is a highly engaging and interactive session and will be open to all members of our senior and junior clubs with the 5 key areas of the work-shop session being:

  1. HEALTH ASSESSMENT - TDS health check – analysing 10 key areas of the club – identifying gaps and opportunities, succession planning & more

  2. REVENUE GENERATION – Identifying 30 New revenue initiatives that should generate the Club $70-$100k New revenue in Year 1

  3. FINANCIAL REPORTING – Simplified reporting structure (3 x 1 pages) to ensure tracking of financial health is maintained

  4. VOLUNTEERS – Opportunities to have the Federal Government to fund some people to work for our club at NO cost.

  5. COMMITTEE STRUCTURE - walking through the importance of having the right committee structure going forward.

STRATEGIC PLAN ON 4 PAGES – covering 5 key long-term strategic pillars (3-5 years), 5 operational short-term pillars (12 months). The work-shop session provides a very succinct “Road-map” for the committee to follow – keeping it simple. Please make the time to participate in this important session.

For more information please contact Rob Parker 0413 426 335 or Justin O’Dwyer 0412 930 963

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