Sponsor Of The Week! Embers Grill & Burger


Yenni Gunawan opened Embers Grill and Burger in Heathmont three years ago and has run it with passion and enthusiasm ever since. Moving her business from the City to Heathmont, Yenni immediately became engaged with the local area including our Club. She loves the feeling of belonging to the community where regular customers become friends. A lot of our players from both football and netball are regular supporters of Embers (as we affectionately call it) and Yenni loves the culture of our club, which manifests in their respect, politeness and down to earth attitude.

What I admire most about Yenni is her willingness to give young people opportunities. 90% of her staff applied for work with no previous experience, just a willingness to work and learn. She has faith in them as we do with all the young people in our care. Yenni admires the community mindedness of our club; the consideration and help we give each other.

Please remember Embers Grill and Burger during COVID lockdown and help support the local businesses that support us. Try their delicious selection of food and don’t forget to say you are from the Jets!

Yenni Gunawan


148 Canterbury Rd. Heathmont 3135

Phone: 03 9720 8184

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