Sponsor Of The Week! IGA Alchester Village & Montrose



Brad Munro is a man driven to succeed. His energy is impressive and it applies to all aspects of his life. In turn, it affects all the organisations he is involved with and generates enthusiasm for us to strive for improvement. We are very lucky that Brad is associated with The Heathmont Football Netball Club. He has a long history with us as a sponsor but his commitment goes way beyond that of his generous financial support. Brad has been a committee member for many years, officiating as President in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Apart from his sponsorship, Brad’s resourcefulness and vision has resulted in many fund raising events that have helped to keep our club afloat. He was also a member of the wonderful Planning Committee, which did so much work in the designing and budgeting for our new clubrooms.

Brad has two IGA stores: IGA Alchester Village Boronia; IGA Montrose and Montrose Cellars. Brad has helped Heathmont members with employment over the years in full or part-time capacity and this epitomises our Jets’ sense of community. Independent grocers are very special in this age of large conglomerates and Brad works hard (Australia wide) to ensure their longevity.

Always busy but thankfully with the Jets as well as his many other commitments, Brad is now one of our Vice-Presidents and works hard along with all committee members to make our football experience enjoyable.

Brad’s two IGA stores are not far away so please make the effort to visit them and support our Independent grocers and one of our valuable sponsors.

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